Benefits of Playing Video Games

Games. The one thing that you needed as a kid.

It molded our minds and we mimic them. When I was a kid, my favorite video game character was Sub Zero from the Mortal Kombat franchise. I loved his spine rip fatality and the way he dresses up.

So I tried to dress up as him. I even made some ice to make it more realistic. That’s what video games are to us. Not just a game. But even more.

Here are some of the best benefits that we get from playing video games.

Competition and Teamwork

NES Super Mario

Younger Brother = Luigi Forever

Have you played Battletoads on the NES when you we’re a kid? Try playing it with two players and see if you can finish it. You and the 2nd player will need to have teamwork in order to finish the game.

Mortal Kombat on arcade, that’s where the competition is! Many kids trying to beat you and coughing up dimes. Nothing can be better than that!

It Makes You Think

Whoever said that video games are for dumb people, they are the dumb ones.

Video games make you think, especially the cryptic ones. Try to finish the Legend of Zelda without thinking. Impossible! This game had me thinking for over an hour with the fishing stage, too bad there’s still no gamefaqs way back then.

I can search “twilight princess hd how to fish” on Google or Youtube and you can see how to beat it. But way back then, the only thing that can save you are gaming magazines, and it sucks.

You Enjoy It

This is the most important thing. You enjoy playing it.

It’s not like you’re getting punished if you don’t play your Sega Genesis on weekdays. Quite the opposite. As a kid, it was a huge thing for us. It helped us to be accepted in society because you’ll get left behind if you don’t own a console.


That’s about it! Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thanks!