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4 Advantages of Journalists


They never stop learning

Journalism is the ideal career for those who are always eager to know and learn. Imagine getting paid to study new issues, events, and topics every day! These people never stop learning, and therefore they don’t stop growing as well. They acquire new learnings every single day, making them more knowledgeable than they were yesterday. They’re like cannabis plants that begin with a small seed and blossom into a mature plant after undergoing various processes and happenings.

writing notes

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They travel a lot

It’s not easy to gather information from various sources, but don’t worry; journalism offers a great reward—free trips. Journalists get paid to visit other places and travel from country to country if the job requires. They don’t just sit at their desks and face their computers every hour of the day; they also roam around to collect news and do interviews.


They get challenged

Most of the time, journalists face kind people. But there are times when they have to confront people with personalities that aren’t so favorable. Because of these scenarios, their ability to negotiate and be hardworking gets challenged. Journalists, because of their passion, learn the value of patience and diligence in their work every day, allowing them to grow as a person.

They meet interesting and famous people


Journalists also meet a lot of popular and interesting people because of their work. Because of the interviews they need to conduct, they can have face-to-face communication with well-known politicians, actors, doctors, so on and so forth. They also get the chance to know these people behind the camera. For journalists, there is also a sense of fulfillment once they get to hear other people’s stories and opinions. They don’t just gather information, they also socialize and meet new personalities.


What People Should Learn More About Today


As business and technology continue to dominate the world, so does the aspect of learning as information from all kinds of sources are now made available for all kinds of people. And as business and technology continue to dominate the environment, so does the aspect of learning as information from all kinds of sources are now made available for all kinds of purposes.

But you know what?

There is more to the world than just what business and technology has allowed us to do nowadays. There is also more to the environment than just what business and technology has allowed us to get nowadays.

Those being said, here’s what people should learn more about today:

To Make Things On Their Own

It’s not enough for one to have a business just to say that he makes something people rave about. One should also make things on his own through that business. It’s also not enough for one to use a technology just to say he makes something people prefer about. One should also make things on his own via that technology. Simply put, one shouldn’t be just dependent with their business and with their technology. Because simply put, one should also be dependent with their knowledge and with their skill.

To Repair Things On Their Own

If you think having a business is enough for one to have someone else repair things for them, think again. And if you think using a technology is enough for one to have something else repair things for them, think again. Always remember that in a business, manpower is needed. Without someone, nothing can be repaired. Then again, you can always learn to repair things on your own using what you have. Also remember that in a technology, toolpower is needed. Without something, nothing can be repaired. Then again, you can always learn to repair things on your own using what you only have.

Indeed, there is more to the world than just what business and technology has allowed us to do nowadays. And that is, for us to make things on our own. And indeed, there is more to the environment than just what business and technology has allowed us to get nowadays. And that is, for us to repair things on our own.

Do you know any other things people should learn more about today? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Why You Should Go Birdwatching More Often


Birdwatching can be truly exciting. You will not only get to see birds fly high in the sky, but also see how they fly up spontaneously and how they fly low graciously. Even more so, you’ll get to see a wide range of birds – crows, doves, eagles, hawks, mockingbirds, owls, pigeons, robins, swallows, woodpeckers – showcasing their own unique characteristics and their own exceptional behaviors.

That being said, here are some reasons why you should go birdwatching more often:

You get to see birds in a different light.

For some people, birds are just like any other wildlife species. But you know what? There’s more to birds than just flying high in the sky. Every bird species has its own unique characteristics, especially when it comes to wing structure and feather texture; and its own exceptional behaviors, especially when it comes to hunting food and mating others. Even more so, you’ll get to see birds in a different light – and most especially, how magnificent they can really be up in the sky.

You get to see the world in a different light.

One great thing about birdwatching? It’s seeing the world in a different light, as you look into the scope and see birds up close – flying over the horizon. It’s also seeing the world in a fresh light, as you look into the scope and see birds up close – dancing around the place. Even more so, you get to see the world’s best seasons – and yes, just by watching birds fly high in the sky. My favorite season to go birdwatching is during spring, where you can see flocks of birds migrating from one habitat to another and where you can see rows of flowers bloom one after the other.

Most of all, you get to realize the importance of Mother Nature – not just for us humans, but also for birds and other wildlife species.

Admit it or not, birds are facing endangerment because of global warming. Admit it or not, other wildlife species are also facing major losses because of global warming; hence, the need to realize the importance of Mother Nature more than ever. Birdwatching more often will not just help us realize what needs to be realized, but also help us prevent the endangerment of birds – and even the major losses of other wildlife species.

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Reasons To Learn More About Woodworking



Believe it or not, woodworking is more than what it seems to be.

It’s more than just something people do for a living. It’s more than just something people do for a hobby. It’s more than just something done in someone’s sawmill. It’s more than just something done in one’s garage. It’s more than just something done with tools such as those found on SawingPros. It’s more than just something done with materials such as those found in craft stores.

Woodworking is a lesson of life itself. It teaches us how to be more patient, as we go on our way to make our wood project as it should be. It also teaches us how to be more determined, as we go on our way to make our wood project as it should be done. It even teaches us how to be wiser, as we go on our way to make our wood projects as it should be doing.

Thus, all the more reason to learn more about woodworking…

Even more so, woodworking makes us want to be:

More Creative And More Innovative

Aside from those mentioned above, woodworking also teaches us to be more creative. You see, it’s not just about sawing a block of wood and making it into whatever it is that it should take form. It’s also about sawing a block of wood carefully and making it into whatever it is that it should take form without compromising any part of its form. You also see, it’s not just about scraping a block of wood and making it into whatever form it should have. It’s also about scraping a block of wood meticulously and making it into whatever form it should have without compromising any element of its form. Simply put, you need creativity to pull it off and innovation to pull it off even more – making the end-product as it should be done, all the while maintaining its quality with its carefully sawed parts and furthering its superiority with its meticulously scraped elements.

And thus, all the more reason to learn more about woodworking…

Indeed, woodworking is more than what it seems to be.

And indeed, woodworking is more than just something people do.

It’s a lesson of life. It’s also a lesson of your own life. It’s even a lesson of other people’s lives.

How about you?

Why do you think you should learn more about woodworking? Why do you think other people should learn more about woodworking?

Share your thoughts with us below!

4 Reasons Why You Need to Find a Juicing Community Now

community scrabble

We all know juicing has tons of physical and mental health benefits. It’s also easy to perform especially if you own one of the top masticating juicers ever made. With a high-quality juicer, you can juice almost every fruit and vegetable!

The truth is it’s a fun activity that can help people stay healthy. You probably have decided to follow a particular juice book or program after getting the idea from
people around you or after researching about it. You might have already listed your plans and made initial preparation. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not bad at all. But getting fit and losing weight can be difficult after a couple of days especially if you are alone. So what should you do to stay motivated? Be a part of a juicing community. Let me tell you why that’s a brilliant idea. If you’re a member of a community:

  1. You’ll follow the program as it is.

Vegetable juicesIf there are people who can see you exercise or observe your progress, you’ll do your best to stick to whatever plan you’ve decided to follow. Because you know you can’t cheat with their eyes stuck on you, you won’t do less. After all, you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed.

  1. You’ll stay inspired and motivated.

Community support encourages you to keep going even when the going gets tough. They can boost your self-esteem and make you feel confident about your goals. It will also make you think that you’re not alone. Sharing the load with someone else is better than carrying it all by yourself. Soon enough, it won’t feel like a burden to you, and you’ll feel more confident. And when you’re confident, you can inspire others who aren’t. Isn’t it a great opportunity to encourage others to stay fit?

  1. You’ll learn more.

Fruit JuicesIf you’re in a community, you can share programs and ideas, possibly even discoveries about juicing. Plus, whenever you have questions or clarifications, you can quickly approach the members of your community. You’ll also practice being open-minded. Remember, even if you’re an expert, you can still learn from others!

  1. You’ll improve your interpersonal communication skills.

Being a part of a community will enable you to interact with different people, which can help develop your social skills. You’ll also have a new set of friends, which can help you grow personally.

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The Social Benefits of Working Out

Exercising together

We all know working out has physical benefits. But if you think exercising alone is more beneficial than training with other people, you’re mistaken! Check out these four social benefits you can get when you work out with others:

You can learn a new set of skills

Working out or playing sports enables you to acquire new abilities that can challenge you. Not only that, it can help you gain new friends too. You can even exchange tips or information with other people to improve your skills. Other people can teach you what you don’t know, and you’ll have the chance to get advice from those who are more experienced.

You can meet new people

Working out with other people you know is better than exercising alone. You won’t be tempted to cheat your way to the finish line; instead, you’ll do exactly as you’re expected to. You will also get more inspired to work with friends because
they can give you encouragements and boost your self-esteem. At the same time, you can inspire them whenever they feel like giving up. Just imagine playing tennis with a partner or using an elliptical machine near someone you know, isn’t their presence stimulating? Speaking of which, if you want to purchase fitness machines, be sure to get the best bang for the buck!

You can learn to team up with others

PilatesWorking out with others will teach you the importance of teamwork. You’ll be less stressed because you know you’re not the only one struggling. Getting fit with friends is a great way to reach your goals and interact socially. You can have stronger and better relationships and a more positive attitude. Plus, achieving similar goals with someone else is a greater success than reaching your targets alone, with just you knowing.

You can feel that you belong in a community

Exercising and staying fit isn’t easy. More often than not, doing rigorous activities by yourself can gradually decrease your motivation to keep going. You might stop then be shy about going back to the gym after a while. But if you feel like you belong in a community, you can share your experiences and struggles. You’ll feel more welcomed in the gym or wherever you’re working out. And once you feel like you belong, you’ll have more confidence to reach your goals.

Exercising together

Perks Of Making Bread


Let’s face it.

Bread has become an important part of our daily lives. Be it a white bread or a wheat bread, bread is there to make us look forward to starting the day. It not only gives us an energy boost, but also an immunity boost (credits to bread’s abundance of vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, and iron) – which further helps our body last the entire day.

That being said, it’s only right for you to consider making bread – or better yet, your own bread recipe via a bread machine like those on Bread machine world.

And to convince you even more, here are the perks of making bread:

It’s healthier for you.

Admit it or not, store bread is usually filled with preservatives. Store bread is usually filled with high sodium level, as well as high sucrose level – making it unhealthy to eat. Making bread, especially your own bread recipe, will not just help you avoid preservatives from causing adverse effects on your body. It will help you prevent having a dangerous amount of sodium being included, as well as a harmful amount of sucrose being included – making it unhealthier to eat, even for kids.

It’s more affordable for you.

Just imagine how many days per week you eat bread. Next, multiply the result by the amount of bread you buy per day. Just imagine then how many weeks per year you eat bread. A bit much to spend per year, isn’t it? A bit much to spend per day actually, isn’t it? Making bread, especially your own recipe, will not just help you save up on costs per year, but also help you become thriftier when it comes to purchasing goods at the store.

It helps develop your talents – and mind you, not just in baking.

Making bread, especially your own bread recipe, is one great way to unleash your potentials – not just in baking, but also in inspiration (as you come up with the needed ingredients). Making bread, especially your own recipe, is also one great way to unleash your potentials in other aspects of your life – not just in working, but also in innovation (as you come up with ways to effectively put together the needed ingredients).


Bread has become an important part of our daily lives – now even more so, as people from all walks of life make their own bread recipes at home.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

Video Games

Games. The one thing that you needed as a kid.

It molded our minds and we mimic them. When I was a kid, my favorite video game character was Sub Zero from the Mortal Kombat franchise. I loved his spine rip fatality and the way he dresses up.

So I tried to dress up as him. I even made some ice to make it more realistic. That’s what video games are to us. Not just a game. But even more.

Here are some of the best benefits that we get from playing video games.

Competition and Teamwork

NES Super Mario

Younger Brother = Luigi Forever

Have you played Battletoads on the NES when you we’re a kid? Try playing it with two players and see if you can finish it. You and the 2nd player will need to have teamwork in order to finish the game.

Mortal Kombat on arcade, that’s where the competition is! Many kids trying to beat you and coughing up dimes. Nothing can be better than that!

It Makes You Think

Whoever said that video games are for dumb people, they are the dumb ones.

Video games make you think, especially the cryptic ones. Try to finish the Legend of Zelda without thinking. Impossible! This game had me thinking for over an hour with the fishing stage, too bad there’s still no gamefaqs way back then.

I can search “twilight princess hd how to fish” on Google or Youtube and you can see how to beat it. But way back then, the only thing that can save you are gaming magazines, and it sucks.

You Enjoy It

This is the most important thing. You enjoy playing it.

It’s not like you’re getting punished if you don’t play your Sega Genesis on weekdays. Quite the opposite. As a kid, it was a huge thing for us. It helped us to be accepted in society because you’ll get left behind if you don’t own a console.


That’s about it! Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

Cancer, Ancient Atomic Mathematics and the Science-Art of Quantum Biology

As is commonly known, the pursuit of joy ideal was fused to the basic design of the particular Constitution of the Us. Surprisingly, no one appears to know why and how that happened. Scholars knew it had something regarding a message from old Egypt’s ‘Eye of Horus’, depicted towards the top of a pyramid as perhaps the Great Seal of The usa. They also knew this all-seeing eye message had been from the work of the Ancient greek language mathematician, Pythagoras, who experienced studied political ethics inside ancient Egypt.

Some thought that this message might relate to your happiness of acquiring wealth through mechanical industrialisation. Nonetheless, the discovery of quantum biology during the 21st Century demonstrated that a far greater potential wealth exists within new technologies in a position to harness the previously unfamiliar natural properties of co2, belonging to human life forms. The old order of wealth, derived at a mechanical mindset, is now well recognised being the cause of a future unsustainable carcinogenic existence on the world. Within Science-Art research, humanity comes with a innate non-mechanical association along with Einstein’s protege, David Bohm’s holographic galaxy.

The first Science-Art discovery of the holographic living force occurred late inside 20th Century, and happened by reuniting science along with artistic feelings. This unification led to the discovery of brand-new physics laws governing the best seashell growth and advancement through space-time. These physics laws could belong to the old mathematics governing the political ethics embedded to the ‘pursuit of happiness’ concept. The world’s largest scientific institute, IEEE in Buenos aires, reprinted this scientific breakthrough among the important optics discoveries in the 20th Century, placing it alongside such names seeing that Louis Pasteur and Friend Francis Crick.

This traditional event was fused into quantum biology research theory, by the recipients in the 2010 Gorgio Napolitano Honor, awarded on behalf in the Republic of Italy for their quantum biological physics and chemistry discoveries. The second discovery was that many artists throughout history experienced unconsciously depicted hidden stereoscopic, holographic photos, in their paintings. While new technologies have developed infinite fractal logic techniques to manufacture such images, prevailing science remains completely oblivious to the point that the human mind can create them. This is one example of the mathematician, Cantor’s statement, that the mindset involving modern science is lived on by an unnatural concern with infinity, denying Newton’s 1st principles of creative gravitational drive by substituting the unreasonable falling apple myth inside its place.

In order to offer a brief outline of the interesting, but very suspect story, a historical explanation definitely seems to be warranted. Pythagoras’ research was a precursor towards the Platonic tradition of ancient greek language mathematical culture. That custom fused further ethical principles into Egyptian ethical atomic math concepts, in order to invent ethical science during the 3rd Century BC. The Egyptian mathematics was about the objective of sacred geometry within invisible atoms, to make tiny seeds from which forms of life through the universe emerged. During the particular Egyptian Second Kingdom, the sacred geometrical logic, relating to justice, compassion and whim, had been fused into political law, and in the future copied by other civilisations, to legalise the development of hospitals and policies of caring for the aged.

From God to Newton and The Reconcilation of Science and Theology

Fairly sense that in the particular so-called “Dark Ages” with the medieval Europe, theology predominated in all the area from theocracy to regalia and became the absolute authority from the spiritual world of Western. Science was left no space from the magnificent palace ruled by simply theology and was viewed as heterodoxy. At that time, the conflict in interaction between science and theology was serious, or more precisely, the oppression theology don science was cruel. As an example, Italian philosopher and scientist Bruno on account of his insistence on medical truth was burned with the stake by the Inquisition in Rome in 1600. Great physicist Galileo, for assuming in and publicizing Copernicus’ heliocentricism, was put in prison for life. 1 Underneath the great pressure and from the context of Western Western fanaticism, there was scarcely possibility and space pertaining to science to emerge. As much as 17th and 18th hundreds of years, science began to advance rapidly and defeat theology eventually. God became “master certainly not at home” and Newton became “chamberlaine from the world”. Why did it happen in Europe? The key is to uncover the origins for the particular rise of modern research. To see it, we first investigate Western traditional weltanschauung.

Western traditional weltanschauung is a type of dualism. Toward no make any difference what in nature, morality or religion, Western people often has a dualistic attitude. For example, the classical two-valued logic depending on true or false duality founded by Aristotle continued to utilize today. Moreover, the dualism of mind and body, subject and object, noumenon and also phenomenon, ideal and actuality, collective and individual etc, could easily be found in some places in Western history and also culture. Especially in non secular beliefs and metaphysics, Western people adhered to your dualistic position so obstinately that the transcendent world and real life were departed completely and also heaven and earth ended up separated absolutely. 2 It doesn’t matter in significance or benefit, the former is always beyond the latter. Probing in the origins of the dualistic worldview, we could retrospect to ancient Ancient greek language philosophy (especially metaphysics) and also Christian theology.

Plato’s theory of Forms asserted that the realm of Forms and the realm of things are usually opposed. 3 “The Sorts are those changeless, everlasting, and nonmaterial essences or patterns which the actual visible objects we see are simply poor copies. ”4 Although Aristotle experimented with to overcome Plato’s system with the dualism of Forms and also actual things, he didn’t stop trying the dualistic idea of reality and phenomenon5, electronic. g. the distinction concerning matter and form.

Another component of Western traditional dualistic worldview is Christian theology. It is obvious that the city of God and the city of the world and also faith and reason are resolvedly distinct from the Bible. Christian theology assured that any values and ideals that may not be fulfilled on earth could be achieved in paradise provided that you affirm the existence of God and also believe in God piously. If when compared to the absolute Christian beliefs, any ethical or meaningful value or temporal perfect shows immediately insignificance in itself. For instance, Jesus’ response to the particular questions about paying taxes – “Give therefore to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s, and to God the things that are God’s. ”(Matthew 22: 22) typically represented the particular dualism of Christian theology.

The Christian theological thought above blended with Plato’s theory of Sorts and Aristotle’s metaphysics latter constructed the voluminous program of scholasticism. In higher than a thousand year of the particular medieval ecclesiastic system, the Christian theology was the dominant ideology of Western european.

1 2